Bug got a haircut

Tonight.  I didn’t particularly plan on giving her a haircut tonight, but the choice was not left up to me.

See, she got a lovely pair of childrens scissors while with my mom at the wedding.  We brought them back since she loves to cut paper.  She was helping me cut yarn, and I had given her a few scraps to cut up.  I walked in the other room for a few minutes.  She came over to tell me she wanted a hair cut.  I said “Bug, if you cut your hair with those scissors, I will have to take them away.”  She showed me a handful of hair, I was already too late!  I gasped, and she began to cry.  She was terribly upset but by that time I was in fits of giggles.

She didn’t take a hunk out of the front or cut it up so high that she had really short pieces sticking out but she sure had cut a lot of hair!  It looked like someone had done a terrible job with some thinning shears.  So I cut it up as short as it would go in the back and tried to layer them in.  It looks ok, decent.  I may get it fixed better than I can do, but at least it will look ok for church tomorrow.

I am still giggling!  We called Nana and PopPop, she told them that she got 2 haircuts tonight, and that she wasn’t ever going to do that again!

This morning…

I taught the Bug how to climb out of her crib.  Now, one would think that at 3.5 she would be out of a crib and in to a big girl bed, but she just doesn’t want to give up the crib.  I do not feel the need to buy diapers for overnight anymore, so teaching her to climb out is just step one in making sure she can survive the night in regular underwear.  I am hesitant about the whole thing, but she is such a good little sleeper gal that I don’t think this will be a problem.