All that hard work for nothing!

“Bee Movie” is at the local dollar theater.  I have anticipated taking the Bug for awhile now.  At the start of the weekend she was told that if she could manage to obey this weekend she would get to go on Sunday afternoon.  I can honestly say that she worked her little butt off to go to that movie, all weekend long.  She worked so hard to obey and do so the first time I asked, she worked hard to keep a good attitude even when she didn’t want to do something I asked, and barring the haircut incident we had a great weekend.  I don’t consider the haircut incident to be of note since I had never told her specifically that we don’t cut hair.  Yes, I went into great detail about how we don’t cut books or any paper that is not given to her to be cut, and how we don’t cut mommy’s yarn, but I never mentioned hair.

Sunday started out a lovely day but we were warned of rain later that would turn to ice and snow.  A bit before we were slated to leave the rain started.  It rained hard and looked cold and miserable.  We left for the theater with some trepidation on my part.  I just was not eager to come back out to icy roads but I had promised her and she had worked so hard, I just could not deny her a movie that would cost me a grand total of $1.50.  So off we went.

We get to the theater and stand in line.  I see a note.  “The Bee Movie will not be showing today.”  Well how do you explain that to your child who has been working so hard all weekend to earn this movie?  I waited in line anyhow and asked the clerk.  He said that it was true, that the projector had broken and they didn’t anticipate that it would be fixed for a couple days.  I asked him to please tell her.  He was so kind to her, getting right down on her level and saying “I am so sorry sweetheart, the movie is broken so we can’t show it.”  I saw her lip quiver, as did he.  He asked if we would like to see Enchanted or Water Horse.  But I was not sure that she would handle either of those movies, that they might be a little scary.  So I pulled her aside and talked to her about it.  I asked her if she wanted to see another movie even if it might be scary.  With tears welling in her eyes which she was valiantly trying to hold back, she said yes, she would try another movie.  My heart just broke!   We asked which movie he might recommend, but then realized that both had started over an hour ago and the next showings weren’t for 2 more hours.  So we had to pass on that too.

I promised her Bee Movie when the projector comes back on line, and told her we would go home and make popcorn and watch movies ourselves.  As we walked out of the theater, the rain turned to sleet and I realized that I was more than happy to be going home.  Bug never did cry though I could tell that she was very upset.  I told her how proud I was that she did not throw a fit.  I even found “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” which  she had never seen and we chose to watch that instead.

What a hard lesson to learn at 3, that even if you work really hard for something you are promised, outside circumstances sometimes cause that dream not to be possible.

4 thoughts on “All that hard work for nothing!

  1. Aww!! My lip is quivering now!! What a strong little chica!! Shells gets a gold star too for raising such an awesome bug!!

  2. Yes Jenn, he was awesome. He was young, probably doesn’t have kids of his own yet, but managed to figure out how to take the time and help me with the situation anyhow. Very sweet.

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