I need some help

So when I spin, I seem to really like to have a good idea of what I want the yarn to become. It might change as I am spinning but in the end, I feel better about it if the yarn has a purpose.

That brings us to September Twilight. It had a purpose as I was spinning along, but I realized quickly that it wouldn’t work out as I had planned. The yarn is particularly delicate and won’t hold up to much frogging. I also got a lot less yardage out of it than I anticipated. Don’t get me wrong, it is beautiful and I enjoyed spinning the alpaca. I will certainly do so again. Next time I will buy enough so that I can ply it and make it stronger. I would say that it is somewhere between a lace and fingering weight as single ply.

So it desires a pattern. I have chosen a couple and now is your chance to give some feedback should you so desire.

Ice Queen. I know some people who have knit this and loved it. I also know that I could probably get two of them out of what I have.

Palette. Specifically designed for handspun. The yarn looks larger but I could probably accommodate it to work with what I have.

I do. I would need to make some modifications and the sleeves would be shorter than these, but it is an awfully pretty little shrug which would be perfect for spring.

7 thoughts on “I need some help

  1. I like ice queen it is just pretty and the beads create interest. It is something that is timeless. The shrug is very pretty but I think the fashion season of shrugs is almost over. They come and go over the years but the space between is a long time.

  2. It really is an ideal pattern, because the alpaca has a “halo” that imitates a mohair halo. Not quite as pronounced, but most certainly noticeable. And I do already have more than enough beads.

  3. I too love the Ice Queen! I wanted to say the shrug because you could wear it this spring whereas Ice Queen would have to wait until next season for really reasonable wear…..but I adore it and that is where I place my vote :-).

  4. I don’t know what it is about it exactly, but I have found the Ice Queen very appealing. I’d love to see it made up! – K

  5. I’m a sucker for shrugs – i don’t care if they go in and out of season – they even dress up t-shirts! It’s a beautiful pattern, too. The ice queen is my second fave – also absolutely gorgeous. Either way, you win! 🙂

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