The Bug and her feelings

About a year ago, Bug told me that when her feelings hurt, her ears hurt.  She told me that her feelings were in her ears.  She has maintained this thought for a year now, and I was at a loss as to how it came about.

I am beginning to understand.

She does not like loud noises.  She never has.  They make her panic.

At school, she is told that we don’t shout at people because it might hurt their feelings.

Well shouting hurts her ears.  So her feelings are in her ears.  Quite logical from a smart toddler perspective.

No amount of telling her otherwise gets the point across.  Today she told me again that sometimes her feelings got hurt.  I asked her “Bug, where are your feelings?”  She says “Mommy!  They are in our ears, you KNOW that!”

The Bug is famous

We have this Facilities manager here who manages a couple of the buildings near by.  He comes and gets coffee from our office and always stops for a chat with me.  He is probably around my parents age, with a grandchild of his own.  My stereotyping kicked in when I first met him because he has a rather pronounced stutter at times.  I learned quickly though, that my stereotyping is way wrong, as he is an obviously intelligent and kind man who is also interesting and helpful.  I look forward to our morning conversations.  His wife made us all zucchini bread this past Christmas as he was eager to give us something in return for all his morning coffees.  I have his card and cell # on my desk in case we run into problems with our building, we can call him directly and he will make sure everything is taken care of.

So today he came and actually sat down for a talk with me, even though usually he stands by the coffee machine.  As he sat down, he looked up at the pictures on my desk.  He says “Hey!  Is that your daughter?  Is her name Bug?”  I told him it was.  With a great big grin on his face he says “She is my favorite kid at the daycare!  All the kids say Hi Mr. Jack but Bug comes and gives me a great big hug and we have entire conversations.  She is so chatty and fun to talk to!  I tell her that I have a granddaughter with the same name.  You ask her about me, she’ll tell you about Mr. Jack!  I just adore that little girl!”

So Bugs reputation precedes her.  It was great fun to  talk to Mr. Jack about her and get his perspective, while gaining a little insight into my daughter when she is away from me.  I knew that she tends to be a favorite of the daycare workers but I had no idea that she is also a greeter of the facilities people.