7 thoughts on “The baby blanket has landed

  1. Hooray!! I know how hard this one was at times to chug through but you can cross it off your list now! I’m totally fedexing mine over to you to finish up now :-P! It is beautiful though chica!

  2. Beautiful! I have yarn to make this myself someday. I’d love to see it, if you aren’t giving it away immediately. – K

  3. It is headed out on Saturday. I figure I shouldn’t wait around much since the recipient is already 2 months old!

    I can tell you this, I did not make it into a square. It would have been insanely huge. I used DK weight yarn instead of lace or fingering weight. It covers the Bug and then some. It was a good pattern, a good knit, and I particularly liked doing the border. My biggest issue is that it was just so heavy on the needles! I ache tonight. In fact, I am going to bed because I ache so badly that I can’t even knit or spin or sit comfortably. I am apparently no longer cut out for these types of projects.

  4. LOL, no, mom got that for Bug because she likes the monkeys at the zoo. I don’t believe she has named it. Strangely enough, she doesn’t get that excited over naming her toys.

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