Lest you think I have nothing to do

Now that I don’t have the baby blanket hanging over my head, I want to make sure none of you out there think I have just stopped crafting!

No no, I am working on finishing chart D to mystic waters. Hard to show you that one now, since there are too many stitches on the needles to block it all out.

I also got 8 oz. of this:


Sakina Needles superwash merino in color agate.  I am working on the first 4 oz. right now.  I am working the color repeats as they appear on the roving, which gives me very long lines of color:


I don’t think that will ultimately look very good, so I am going to take the second 4 oz. and tear it into strips so that the colors repeat randomly along this base of long color repeats.  Eventually I should have over 800 yards sock yarn.  What might I do with that much sock  yarn?  Well I am going to try my hand at selling it.

3 thoughts on “Lest you think I have nothing to do

  1. That sounds like it will be awesome!! Am I understanding correctly that the shorter colour changes will be plied over the longer colour changes? I can’t wait to see it! And you KNOW how excited I am about your etsy shop!!!

  2. Exactly, I didn’t explain that too well. The short changes will ply with the long changes and hopefully produce an interesting and very nice effect. I guess we will see!!!

  3. Glancing at the 1st picture that popped up, I thought it was Easter Eggs at first. Pretty colorful stuff Shells. Whatever you’re making with it, I’m sure it will be beautiful!

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