The clap is spreading

Even in my own home! Yes, I have been bit by the bug. I decided to do a project for a friend of Nicks. Another clap. We chose Cherry Tree Hill in Java. I love it, lots of subtle color which works well with the clap.


This one will not be a le grande clapotis, but a normal size one. Especially since I know how much the clap spreads when I drop the stitches (will this joke ever get old???)

I cast on tonight


I have not gotten to the part where I can start dropping stitches, that comes tomorrow. But I am on FIRE! (OK OK! Stop rolling your eyes Sav!)

Recipient would like blue in her clap. There is blue, but not too terribly much, and tends toward gray at points. As the clap grows, I suspect it will pick up more blue as the repeats will line up differently. At least, that is what is happening with Le Grande Clap.

Oh, what came with that yarn order?


I swear looking at that roving makes me weak in the knees!

2 thoughts on “The clap is spreading

  1. LMAO!!!! Ah…no…..t’will never get old!!

    I am in LOVE with your roving!! The colours are so darn vibrant!! I’m wiping the drool off my keyboard as I type! I can’t wait to see how they spin up.

  2. I would love to know what is wrong with my psyche that the wicked witch roving is just so appealing to me! After drooling over it for ages, I thought I could buy it to get it out of my system. It isn’t out of my system, now I am drooling over it while it is in my hot little hands!

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