A crying shame

I don’t have a pet. I don’t particularly like pets. I am the gal who pat pats your dogs head politely and then goes to wash her hands. I like cats, and am tempted to own them, but the trouble is that I am sure they will make me allergic. So I don’t own pets, and find the freedom of that very liberating.

I get annoyed by pet owners. I really don’t like it when someones pet does its business on or near my yard. I really don’t like it when a passerby pet owner uses my garbage can as a container for their dog waste bag. The garbage men don’t pick those up, and so I have to dig the disgusting thing out of my own garbage can and place it in my trash bag. AND I DON’T EVEN OWN A DOG!!!!!!!

So, consequently, you can imagine my consternation when I went to pick up my Bug today and saw this:


I was horrified! I asked Bug what happened to her hat! “Dice did that, he ate my hat. You have to fix it.” Yes, Daddy’s lovely roommate dog friend chewed my first colorwork project ever. I am highly annoyed!

My annoyance is two part. Firstly, I am annoyed that once again, a pet that I DO NOT OWN has ruined something of mine. Secondly, I am annoyed with the ex because I am well aware that dice probably did not eat the hat while it was on Bugs head, it is another case of him not being able to take care of things. And I assure you he knows the dogs tendency to eat everything, after all, the dog has eaten his phone among other things. If you ask me, you need to learn from that lesson.