It has arrived!!!

The Kauni shipped as fast as it possibly could, I am very impressed. I am now officially getting nervous about this upcoming project. I have chosen something that will be a real stretch for me. A challenge. Colorwork, I am not good at it. Takes mounds of concentration. Steaking?!?! What am I thinking? But seriously, looking at this yarn, how could I resist?


I am going to take this water garden fair isle and use the kauni to make it. It will change the look completely, but I think it will work. The idea is that instead of using 5 different colors, I will just use 2 different strands of Kauni, letting the long repeats of the yarn work the various colors for me. To accomplish that, I had to do this:


One ball has the rainbow colors repeating in the correct sequence, the other has the colors repeating backwards.

This will be exciting!

5 thoughts on “It has arrived!!!

  1. You can SO DO THIS!!! And it is going to be so fantastic!! I can’t wait for you to start! So um…have ya started yet? šŸ˜›

  2. I got to thinking, this is the BEST spring project. I mean, it is BRIGHT!!

    I swatched a bit. Darn loose gauge! I have to go down another needle size. Meaning a total of 2, as usual. One would think I would just start with that since I know I knit loose!

    I am leaving it alone for the rest of the evening at least. Maybe I’ll play around in the morning if I wake up early.

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