Dyeing part II

So the dyeing commenced with orange.


I then tried green, lemon lime koolaid. I put the roving in the dye pot and ended up with a very neon color, it was one dimensional and I wasn’t all that pleased with it. What to do? I added a tablet of green easter egg dye. That added color and dimension and took the edge off the neon.


Adding the easter egg dye gave me the idea to do the same with the yellow that went horribly wrong yesterday.

All of them drying in the bathroom, the whole bathroom now smells like citrus fruit punch.


All the colors together including the base color around the outside. Undyed coopworth roving in medium gray. (Looks more brown to me but meh)


I’ve been spinning the “blue” and have been quite pleased. The added bonus of spinning koolaid dyed roving is the raspberry cherry fruit punch smell. Makes me have this overwhelming urge to eat cotton candy.


Frankly I am not sure what I will do about the orange, it is also a bit bright and neon. I have been contemplating tearing a bit off the edge and submitting it to a tea bath to see if it will tone it down a bit.