OK here is what I am talking about


OK, so the background is currently red moving into purple and the pattern is purple moving into red. I do NOT want them to line up so that I am getting a no pattern area. I would be able to avoid that probably by cutting the yarn and moving it ahead a bit. But the next will be a purple background with a red pattern, and I am nervous that won’t look good. What do you think? Shall I keep going and hope for the best? Should I frog now and start in different spots in the yarn?  The idea would be that I would frog back to the ribbing and then start the pattern yarn in a different spot.  There wouldn’t be a difference in the background yarn.

I might…

Frog my Kauni.  Thats right, you heard me!  I might frog it.

Perhaps some additional explanation is required. I don’t like how the colors are lining up.  So I might frog back to the ribbing and then restart the pattern stitches with the colors lining up more appropriately.

Before I frog it, I may decide to try to line up the colors differently by myself and see if that works.

Maybe I need to post some pictures.