OK here is what I am talking about


OK, so the background is currently red moving into purple and the pattern is purple moving into red. I do NOT want them to line up so that I am getting a no pattern area. I would be able to avoid that probably by cutting the yarn and moving it ahead a bit. But the next will be a purple background with a red pattern, and I am nervous that won’t look good. What do you think? Shall I keep going and hope for the best? Should I frog now and start in different spots in the yarn?  The idea would be that I would frog back to the ribbing and then start the pattern yarn in a different spot.  There wouldn’t be a difference in the background yarn.

5 thoughts on “OK here is what I am talking about

  1. I think it looks awesome. What I would do is keep going till a round before you hit red on red. Then snip one color or the other & move it forward a repeat. Just a thought. LOVE the colors though 🙂

  2. I think you are going to be fine kid. I did a search on Rav for kauni cardigans and there were several where the red and purple were matched up at some point and everyone of them looked great. I think you should keep going. You can always cut the yarn if you run into a problem (but I don’t think you will).

    I can’t wait to watch this sweater work up! It is so delicious!

  3. It looks fantastic so far, When I was knitting mine, I had a few worries about just that kind of thing. In the end I persevered, and the colour combinations I thought would be horrid turned out to be my favorite parts. But I also know that other people had different luck.

    I think the answer is to sit down with a nice bit of chocolate and see how you feel about the colours and if you feel the need to frog or if you want to see what happens when you keep going. Either way, chocolate is very helpful.

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