Decision made

After working the Kauni farther and still not liking the results, even when cutting and changing the color sequence, I frogged back to the ribbing on the Kauni.  It is early enough in the project that it doesn’t feel too painful, and if I keep going, I will just be annoyed and wonder exactly why I didn’t frog it when I had the chance.  I will restart the pattern yarn in a different spot.  I am happy with this decision!

I have waited a long time now to get my Kauni yarn.  I have lusted over a Kauni project of my very own for quite some time.  I have put lots of thoughts and energy into deciding on a pattern.  If I throw that away because I don’t want to frog a couple rows, it is all for naught.

3 thoughts on “Decision made

  1. Good, it would really suck terribly if you weren’t happy with it. *post frogging hugs* You’ll get back to where you were in no time, you maniacal knitter you!

  2. It wasn’t! I usually frog only when I am already so frustrated that frogging is a relief rather than a burden. And that was certainly the case. Plus I was in a foul mood anyhow, and a little constructive destruction never hurt anyone!

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