I am sitting here at my computer, heart beating wildly.  Why?  Because I was once again sure that I had a mouse under my bed.  Little noises of undistinguished things rattling, etc.  I freaked out!

Turned around, and realized it was tissue paper in a shoe box being blown by my heater.

*big sigh of relief*

3 thoughts on “Mice

  1. OK….I Know exactly how you feel. I was camping one time, we were in a cabin. I was in a bunk room with about 6 other girls there were 3 other rooms with about 6-8 girls each. Well I woke up and found a field mice happily sitting on my pillow. I screamed and jumped out of the bed and the whole cabin converged on my room. I could not get back to sleep to save my life. Every little breeze I was sure was the mouse returned to sleep with me again.


  2. I thought there was one rattling around in my walls the other evening- turned out to be the rose bush brushing against the side of the house. Comforting to know we are not alone in our paranoia. 😉

  3. I’d be cutting back the rose bush as fast as I got rid of the box! Even when I “know” what it is, I can wake out of a sound sleep for something like that.

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