Brain is dead

Well I am hoping by now I got it back, but, you may be amused by my latest story.

Yesterday I was to take a tour of a lab which required that I have a copy of my work ID.  I knew the day before that I would need this, so I stored away my ID somewhere special, in order that I could take it with me the next morning and make a copy.  I could have sworn that special place was in my bookbag.

Next morning rolls around, and I cannot find my ID, it isn’t in my bookbag and it isn’t in any of my drawers at work.  I begin to get a bit panicked because I have noticed a few things that I put in the exact same spot every day have gone missing.  So I begin to panic and think that possibly the ID has been stolen. Though I am pretty sure this isn’t the case, it doesn’t help my panic mode one bit.

I go on the tour anyhow, they were kind enough to let me give them a copy of the ID when I found it.

Get back from the tour, sit down at the desk, and someone needs a key to a room which I keep.  Open up the drawer for the key…..and find my ID.

Mystery solved, I start to laugh.

I figure I’d best make a quick scan of it and send it down to the woman who needs the copy.  Open my scanner to find my drivers license.   Well would you look at that!  I didn’t even know I had lost it!

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