Sleeping on the couch

Yup, I’ve been relegated to the couch. Now why might a single gal like me have no choice but to sleep on the couch? My knitting made me do it.

I finished casting off for print o’the wave yesterday at work. I had a rather full schedule last evening, came home, made Bug some dinner, set the shawl to soak, and didn’t have time to block it before I ran off to knit with my favorite gals. So I blocked it late, when I got home. Which caused me the need to sleep on the couch.

The pay off was a nicely blocked shawl this morning! Bug helped me pull the pins.


And I ended up with something pretty for favorite coworker!


Handspun yarn made from Pippi knee socks “Rio” colorway.  Unknown wool fiber.  I did not have enough to do the full knitted on border so I had to improvise.  Still looks rather pretty if I do say so myself!  The pattern is pretty but simple enough to show off the color changes, I may very well make this one again!

3 thoughts on “Sleeping on the couch

  1. That really is a lovely shawl.

    Good to know that you have such a high respect for you knitting to let it ‘sleep’ in your bed. Hope you get all the pins out before the next nights sleep.

  2. LOL! Right! I think I got them all, I’ve never rolled over onto a pin. Usually it is hair clips that I find underneath me making odd shaped indentations in my side.

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