It occurred to me just now that I have not turned on the TV all weekend long! This was not a conscious effort on my part to go TVless, I just never got around to it, and always had other things to think about and do. I like that!

I finished spinning the orange koolaid/tea dyed roving. Navajo plyed.

Oh, did you want to see that again? Perhaps with the red that was done previously?

Yes, so pretty!

So since I have spun 2 of the colors for the lite lopi pullover, but none of the main gray color, I thought I would at least begin that.

Not the best picture, but you will see more soon enough.

It has been a beautiful weekend, pleasant, sunny, and lots of yard work was done here. Yes, you saw that correctly, I said yard work, not yarn work!

In fact, I am only halfway through clue 2 on Mystic Light! I hope to mess around with that a bit tonight, because I have much public speaking work to be done tomorrow and Tuesday.

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