I am getting picked on!

Bug has taken to picking on me when she is in a particularly good mood.  And reasoning with her doesn’t work, she has an answer for every argument.  Which is probably ultimately a good thing, she really thinks everything through, but I know it will be cause for trouble for me eventually.

Her “time out” chair is a plush low to the ground chair that she has had forever.  It is child sized.  Recent conversation went like this:

Bug:  Mommy, you need a time out, go to my time out chair.

Me:  Bug, I am not going to your time out chair.

Bug:  Mommy, your bottom will fit in my time out chair, go now.

Me:  (hoping I have caught a break) Bug, my bottom will NOT fit in your time out chair, I assure you.  But thanks for the compliment.

Bug:  Let’s try it an see!

Me:  But I will probably break it, I am way too big for your time out chair.

Bug:  No, its very soft, it won’t break!

She is entirely right.  It won’t fit me, but it won’t break either.  And she had the answer to every argument I made.

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