Bug Stuff

I picked Bug up from school yesterday, she informed me that they had a “science” day.  I was rather interested to hear what consisted of a “science” day.  I asked her, and she informed me that the wind could come and break windows, though not today.  So they were going to go to the library when that happened.  I said “Oh, you had a tornado drill!”  She informed me that it was a “science day” not a tornado drill.  OK thats fine.  So we discussed how probably the wind would never come and break windows, but the teachers knew how to keep all the kids safe and so they take them to the library just in case.  She was ok with this for awhile.

Nightime came, and I let her play a bit with her light on.  I went to turn her light off and I hear “Mommy, I am scared!”  I go up and see what is wrong.  I ask her what she is afraid of.  “Mommy, I am scared of the science!”  Awww!  Poor kid!  I again explained that nothing would happen, and if she was in any danger at all, Mommy would come get her and keep her safe.  This could be a long tornado season.  Maybe she will help me have a healthier respect for them myself!

Mystic Light Cable

I will have to perform major reconstructive surgery in the middle cable braid of my mystic light shawl.  I am just trying to gather the courage to do so.  Maybe this weekend.  I messed one of them up during clue 2.  I thought I could live with one messed up.  Then I messed up 2 more during clue 3.  Well thats about enough of that!  I can’t keep going the way it is, I now officially need to fix it.  Let the fun begin!