Mystic Light Cable

I will have to perform major reconstructive surgery in the middle cable braid of my mystic light shawl.  I am just trying to gather the courage to do so.  Maybe this weekend.  I messed one of them up during clue 2.  I thought I could live with one messed up.  Then I messed up 2 more during clue 3.  Well thats about enough of that!  I can’t keep going the way it is, I now officially need to fix it.  Let the fun begin!

2 thoughts on “Mystic Light Cable

  1. I’ve got one messed up around row 33. Definitely NOT going back to fix it, but I can understand how annoying it is! Especially 3 of them!

    *sends good cable fixing vibes your way*

  2. Ut-oh :-/

    I know how something like that can eat at you. I went back to fix one on the end that I’d left off, but that was way easier than in the middle. fwiw, when I looked at your picture yesterday, I never saw the mistakes. We always see every flaw in our own work.

    Good luck!

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