A new person was hired recently. In my department, but in another building. When the notice was sent out, I thought I had seen or heard her name before. But I could not place it. Today there was a retirement party which caused us to have to go to that very same building, and I finally met this gal face to face for the first time.

And it dawned on me where I had seen her before.

More than 2 yrs ago, back when I was both working and selling jewelry, I did a jewelry show for a coworker. On of the guests there was a modestly overweight woman with a fantastic haircut. She seemed very nice, but it quickly became apparent she wanted to be the center of attention. She informed us that she had lost over 100 pounds, to which I, also modestly overweight, quickly congratulated her. At that time I had long brown hair, no bangs. Nothing special, but certainly not ugly! My hair is straight and shiny and I don’t think there is a particular issue with it. I commented that she had a lovely face framing haircut, I really liked it. She kindly encouraged me to get a similar style. I informed her that I had no intention of doing so at this time as I was busy growing out my hair for locks of love. She said in a very condescending voice “Well you should really think about doing it quick, because that hair style isn’t doing ANYTHING for you.” I about fell off my seat! My boss (who was there) and I talked about it for weeks!

Yeah, lucky me, she now works in my department. I am willing to bet she doesn’t recognize me, since I have very short hair now, and have lost a considerable amount of weight. But I sure recognized her!

Crazy hair day.

Bug’s school is doing a theme week.  Yesterday was Crazy Hair Day.  I was all excited, planning on putting a ton of pony tails all over her head.  I thought it would be fun!

I went to go get her up from bed and reminded her it was crazy hair day.

Bug:  “I don’t want to do crazy hair day.”

Me:  “But its crazy hair day!  It will be fun!  All the kids will have crazy hair!”

Bug: “Mom, you don’t HAVE to do crazy  hair if you don’t WANT to.”

Me:  “OK ok, I’ll bring some pony tails along in case you change your mind once we get there.”

Bug:  “I don’t want crazy hair!”

So, I decide that I can at least not comb her hair, that will be crazy enough.  I go out to the kitchen to get something, come back, and Bug is combing her own hair!