Crazy hair day.

Bug’s school is doing a theme week.  Yesterday was Crazy Hair Day.  I was all excited, planning on putting a ton of pony tails all over her head.  I thought it would be fun!

I went to go get her up from bed and reminded her it was crazy hair day.

Bug:  “I don’t want to do crazy hair day.”

Me:  “But its crazy hair day!  It will be fun!  All the kids will have crazy hair!”

Bug: “Mom, you don’t HAVE to do crazy  hair if you don’t WANT to.”

Me:  “OK ok, I’ll bring some pony tails along in case you change your mind once we get there.”

Bug:  “I don’t want crazy hair!”

So, I decide that I can at least not comb her hair, that will be crazy enough.  I go out to the kitchen to get something, come back, and Bug is combing her own hair!

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