A bit of blog fodder

With hopefully more to come over the weekend.

I’ve been plugging away at work on my handspun branching out modified scarf. It feels like it goes incredibly slow, but at least it is getting done bit by bit.

I’d like to gift it, but I am not entirely sure it will ever be something that is giftable. Whomever was the recipient would have to really understand the value of thick and thin handspun singles yarn.

Also, for my inner geek, and the geek in my life, I finally scored some…

Yarn Nerd, colorway Math Nerd! How could I resist that? It will become socks, but it remains to be seen if they are socks he would wear in public or socks for wearing around the house. It is a bit brighter than I expected.

I hope to have a few things for you this weekend, I am hoping to get quite a bit done. My goals are to finish a pair of socks I am working on, finish clue 4 of mystic light, finish spinnning 3 more yarns, and NOT cast on for another mystery shawl. High expectations for one weekend!