Saturday is for Spinning

I spent the day yesterday finishing up some half done spinning projects. I was on a roll from 4:18 AM to 11:30 PM. I got a 40 minute nap but that was it. Bug and I spent most of the day outside, her playing and me spinning. Or she read to me, or I read to her while I spun. I also taught her to use the niddy noddy.

After a day of spinning, my arms are really feeling it, so no spinning today. But I am terribly pleased with what I did accomplish.

First up is “stained glass” which is 80% merino 20% silk. It is shiny and super saturated color which was a breeze and a blast to spin! It is 2 ply and I have 387 yards

I also have what I have lovingly dubbed “easter in a blender.” 100% merino, I navajo plyed it (3 ply) to retain the color changes. I have 327 yards.

Both of these are fingering or sock weight yarns.

2 thoughts on “Saturday is for Spinning

  1. The names you chose fits the yarn so perfectly!! I love it (and the yarn as well but I think I’ve told you that about a thousand times already lol!)!

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