Lemon Olive Oil Cake

So J and I decided we needed some cake.  We haven’t enjoyed something sweet and yummy together for a long time.  I, being used to traditional cakes, decided I needed to find something that was more within the types of foods that J might eat.  Basically this means a cake not requiring shortening and a cake which I could use organic sugar and whole wheat flour in.

I found Lemon Olive Oil cake.  It wasn’t too hard to make.  I threw in some almonds for good measure, thinking they might give it some additional flavor.  The recipe calls for adding sugar to the top, but I did not do so.  Some of the reviews mention that it is not a very sweet cake.  We found it to be flavorful and sweet enough.  We may even cut out some sugar next time.  The flavor of the lemon really carries it.  I think that this would taste lovely with a fresh blueberry sauce.  Also, some real whipped cream would be lovely.  It holds up well all on its own too!

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