Mystic Light

I have realized that this designer cannot go wrong. She just has a lovely eye for lace patterns. This shawl is stunning!

I finished the bind off last evening and blocked it over night.

I am wearing it today!

I used Shibui sock yarn in colorway Pagoda, which is a subtle variation in rust tones.  I like that it doesn’t detract from the lace pattern but gives it a bit of depth.  I was surprised at just how fast lace knitting can go when using sock yarn.  All in all, I am one happy camper today!

3 thoughts on “Mystic Light

  1. Wow, Kara. That’s amazing. I know I don’t comment near as often as I should but I still read here every morning and am more than impressed with your talent, creativity, and dedication. It’s very inspiring and I’m glad you’ve found a hobby that brings you so much joy.

  2. Perhaps there’s hope for me. I’ve been struggling with laceweight. Sockweight might be a good idea. You are right about the subtle color variations enhancing the pattern of the lace.

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