Familial Roots

Can you consider your roots without considering your family?  I don’t think so.  I do understand that perhaps not everyone has family in the most traditional sense, but even those people find themselves family where it works best.

I am blessed with some of the best family around, I am convinced of it!  I think my brother and I and all my cousins tend to be happy, well adjusted, successful people not just because of our parents, but because of our family as a whole.

I wrote a bit about the “farm” in my trees post, but the farm was about ever so much more than just trees.  This is where the familial relationships took root and developed and were tended.  It seems a bit odd to say that this is where we “got to know each other” because it doesn’t seem that family gets to know each other like we do with other relationships in our lives.  But yet there is an element of that.

One of the reasons that having the “farm” sold was so incredibly difficult for me had nothing whatsoever to do with the land itself.  There was that element, as that place had become a symbol of happy and simpler times for my generation.  But that wasn’t all of it.  It had more to do with how the family relationships were tended to there.  The wide land gave us space and brought us together.  How could I not be emotional over such a thing as this?  How could we continue to tend the relationships that we planted there without the land?  And strangely, by the time the land was sold, we were not using it in the ways that I grew up with, it was a moot point, I just didn’t realize that at the time.

I am not saying that giving up that land was easy for me.  But what I realized over the next couple years was that my parents generation was not giving up on us as I had supposed.  They weren’t giving up on the relationships that took root there, it was just time to move them to another space.  In the years that the decision was made to give up the farm, and the years following the selling of it, I came to realize that I would receive more support than I could ever imagine from my parents generation and this would absolutely have nothing to do with where anyone was living at the time.

And now I see that we have yet another lovely and wonderful place where all these relationships come together and are cultivated.  There is another place that has come to represent all that the farm meant to me.  A place I long to be near even though I can only be there maybe once a year, and that longing has little to do with homes or the yards or the trees there, and everything to do with this strong desire to get back to my family relationships and harvest all the knowledge I can gain in the time I am there.  I feel wrapped in the comfort of strong people with strong opinions and wonderful intelligence whom I have known all my life.  I love to watch the generations, even the newest, sit together and play together and laugh heartily.  We have the opportunity to continue tending those relationships in a new place, and that is so precious to me.

So this is a great big hug and a thank you to my parents generation which has faithfully tended and supported and cared and infused knowledge and so many many more things on my generation of family.  We may not get the chance to say it, but we feel more confident and content and at peace than you even know, and this has everything to do with your hard work!

New Roots

I find that everywhere I go I am making new roots. To me, I find this to be one of the most stressful things to do. Yet if I look back on the places I have lived, it is the places where I actively cultivated friendships and developed ties to an area that I remember with the most fondness.

With all the turmoil that happened in my life around the time I moved to this city, some of that friendship development sort of got put on a back burner. It wasn’t that I failed to make friends, no, I did have various groups of supportive people around me, but except for my 2 favorite coworkers, none of them became particularly long term friendships.

This might be, in part, because I am a notoriously “bad” friend. I don’t call people on the phone. I often don’t return phone calls. I may not seek out blocks of time to spend with you, preferring the relative solitude of my own home. I will forget your birthday and your anniversary and your children’s birthdays. I won’t even send a card. See? I am kind of an unusual friend. Of course on the other hand, when we do spend time together, I will listen to your stories and I will remember them, I will give you my thoughts on a subject if you ask for them, and I will be supportive of your decisions even if they wouldn’t be what I chose to do. I will do my level best to not get defensive when you tell me something I don’t want to hear but is true. So there is some sort of disconnect between the the surface actions that make people feel special and the deeper actions of friends that some people find disconcerting about me.

About a year ago, I had the great privilege of meeting 4 other women around my age who all shared a common hobby with me. These 4 lovely women had know each other for awhile, yet they welcomed me in and I quickly felt a common bond even with all our collective uniqueness.  What I enjoy the most about them is that since each of them is confident and successful and has their own life, there is none of the neediness that has gone on in past friendships I have had.  Each is free to do their own thing and spend time together when warranted.

So now I get to put down some roots in this city where I am now and I get to enjoy and celebrate the good parts of life with 4 women whom I admire and respect.

One of these gals wrote a wonderful roots themed post which I loved and thought was very astute.  Enjoy, if you will, Not your grandma’s theology, from Square Peg in a Round Hole.

And I must add, I am finding it desperately difficult not to post knitting content.  I feel that you are all in for it when this week is up!

Trees and Roots

When I first saw the pattern for the Francie sock, I was immediately drawn to it as a pattern.  I instantaneously wanted to knit them for J because it seems that all his childhood memories (at least the ones he chooses to share) are tree related.  He talks of olive orchards and olive trees thousands of years old, which is awfully hard for this American gal to even comprehend.  He remembers climbing lemon trees to get not quite ripe lemons to share with his sister as a nice hot summer treat.  And he speaks of drinking tea underneath jasmine trees in full bloom.  His tree related memories paint such a beautiful picture of his country that it makes me think that it should be a little piece of heaven on earth.

Then I began to think about why his tree related memories connect with me.  If we don’t have the shared love of trees, then would I connect so well with his stories?

So I got to thinking about my own tree related memories.  I thought about the “farm” where I grew up.  I remembered the “pines” where hemlock trees made a cool copse even on the hottest days of summer.  The hemlock needles created a soft carpet over the ground and there was a stream running through the middle of it all.  Many days were spent there in all fashion of play and rest, with family and in solitude.

Or the tree on the hill where there was tied a massive rope which dad brought home from the navy (I think this was the case, correct me if I am wrong dad!)  We grew up swinging on that rope, pushing each other and eventually growing old enough and adventurous enough to climb into a nearby tree and swing out of it on the rope.  All the while listening for the cowbell that indicated lunch or dinner time when we would run sure footed back down the hill and to the house.

We didn’t live on the “farm” for long but we went back often, so many memories were made there.

How about the cherry tree that I used to climb with a book when wanting a bit of solitude during my young teen years?

And I’ll never forget the deep sadness I had when they tore up the trees that lined main street in the small village I lived in to make room for wider roads and “progress.”  I walked to and from school under those trees and it was the first realization I had that things happened that I didn’t like whatsoever and I had no control over them.  An awakening of youth perhaps.  I was maybe in 4th grade?

It is clear to me why we use the term “roots” to describe the collection of our own memories and the stories of our ancestors.  For me, trees have very tangible memories attached to them, and somehow I feel that connection with J even though we grew up in different places, times, and cultures.

With this in mind, I am interested in hearing your “trees make roots” stories, if J and I could connect this way, surely there are more stories to share!  I know I have a fairly diverse group reading and I am wondering just how able we will be to write down some of our favorite memories.

Also, if you really don’t have tree related memories, I want to hear that too!  In fact, I want to know what you might find to be the equivalent connector for you.  What is it in nature, or not in nature, that you associate your best memories with?

A knitblog week off

So here is the deal, I’ve been pondering a couple things quite a bit this past week, and I have decided to take a week off from posting knitting related content here.  (With the exception of the loopy ewe sneak up providing it contains the yarn I helped dye so I can link to it.)

Instead, we are going to have a roots themed week at Suzy Sells.  I’ll post some things that have been on my mind, and I may just ask from stories from readers as well.

So bear with me as we explore some of the things that make us who we are this week!  I am rather excited to play around with these reflections and I hope that you will also enjoy the journey.

Wanna see something?

I’ve begun the lite lopi sleeve, and added corresponding colorwork to it.  The rest will be plain coopworth, but I am stretching it as far as it will go.

To be honest, I am not sure how much I like it and I may rip it back and just do plain coopworth, I have yet to decide.

I also started the icarus shawl.


So I have, thus far, avoided the malabrigo craze.  I’ve drooled over it at my favorite LYS, but just haven’t decided to pick any up.  Yes, it is soft and yummy, but it was one of those yarns that I kept saying “eventually.”

J is coming home on Sunday.  I wanted to have a little more for him than a pair of socks.  I had bought him something else online, but when it arrived it became clear it wouldn’t work as a gift so I sent it back.  I thought perhaps I could finish the francies for him, but that would be a lot of uninterrupted knitting and I have spinning to do and regular life to attend to this weekend.  Clearly I was going to have to come up with something else.

I ran across the unoriginal hat by yarn harlot.  I considered it, weighed the fact that it was a chunky yarn and would knit up quickly against the fact that I would have to revamp the project to fit his head.  I decided to run into my LYS and see what they had.

I walked out with malabrigo chunky, 2 skeins of the same color in case it took more than anticipated to knit the hat with my modifications.  Low and behold it was on sale!  I totally wasn’t expecting that.  Apparently I chose a discontinued colorway.

I knit the hat last night.

I added another cable repeat to it and it should fit just fine.  I love it, looks great on me too.

So today the Bug and I ran errands.  We went to the auto parts store and got a headlight and airfilter, she watched, enchanted, as the service guy installed the headlight.  We went to the library to return books, then down to the farmers market.  We bought honey and tomatoes and the BIGGEST BEST green onions you ever did see.  Then I got the brilliant idea to exchange the second skein of yarn for another discontinued colorway, so that the hat I had decided to make for myself would not match J’s hat, because we just aren’t cutesy like that.

I came home with this

And little miss Bug who is as bad a yarnie as I am fell in love with both the koigu and the malabrigo.  I swear, I did not lead her to these yarns myself, but instead just lead her away from the “sparkley” yarns.

She picked out a little something for a hat for herself.  She also wants a headband.  I am thinking I can modify the chunky hat pattern to accommodate her head, and then also make some variation on the calorimetry to fit her.

She was so excited about the yarns that she swifted them all by herself.  I swear she never finishes an entire skein when she swifts, but today she was unstoppable!

My favorite LYS owner is quite awesome to btw, he reads to Bug if there aren’t customers in the store, he knows what I like and leads me to new things that I might be interested in, and as I asked the cashier if she could look up which colors were discontinued so that I could trade skeins, he quickly stepped in to let me know that I could choose any of them for that price, even though they weren’t all being offered for that price.  “She’s a great customer” he told the cashier.

I suppose all this means is that he is a good salesman, which I knew, but he has an absolutely wonderful knack for making everyone feel special in his store, and that knack rubs off on the other workers, making for a wonderful LYS experience!

Francie sock #1

I finished the francie sock and started on the second sock.  I am completely pleased with how it turned out, the yarn is lovely, the pattern interesting and stunning.  The one suggestion I have for knitting this sock is that it looks deceivingly long as you are knitting it.  Do not concern yourself, it all comes together at the toe!

Lemon Yellow

The final lite lopi color is completely spun.

Spinning this gave me areas of yellow with areas of cream, reminding me of the inside of my moms homemade cream puffs.  What a great memory to have with me as I spun!

So all 4 colors together look nice, the green and the yellow are quite bright with the red and the orange being more toned down colors.  I think it is a good contrast.  I can’t wait to get started on some of the colorwork!

Socks in trees

Finished J’s socks today.  I am fairly certain that it wouldn’t have happened today except that we had a long meeting at work where I could knit under the table.

Duet middi sock yarn, which I adore.  Makes for a very nice hefty pair of socks.  I made them quite wide so I think they really will fit his feet.

Taste the rainbow

I finished another skein of the color for the lite lopi.  It began here, where I dyed the merino with first koolaid then easter egg dye.

It is of course absolutely necessary to see the 3 finished colors together.

I started spinning the final color last evening, so by this weekend I should be done with the colorwork spinning.  It has certainly been a long term project, and there will be more coopworth to spin before this is over.  Hopefully there will be enough!

A good day

I placed an order with The Loopy Ewe to get my loopy groupie status.  I wanted to get that status so I’d get the famed emails of sneak up notice.  I was unconcerned about that, until the dyeing day with Miss V.  Now I figured I’d better get groupie status so I knew when the yarn I helped with went up!

But of course, with groupie status comes treats!

First up, the fiber I purchased, BFL.

Along came with it the treats.  Now, I didn’t take pictures of the loopy kisses, since they stayed at work.  But I got a pattern:

And a tote, if you look carefully inside there is a keychain, that also came with it:

And finally, free yarn!

And then I got home, and there was a box waiting…full of angora

and sugar’s fur…but I didn’t take pictures because it is so windy that the angora was flying away!  And we can’t have good fiber becoming lost now can we?

Francie sock

This weekend has been full of the usual knitting and spinning, as well as a fantastic weekend with Miss Bug, where we worked on her ability to go to bed and actually stay there. We are doing well now. We have the wandering down the stairs to 2 times a night rather than 5, this is progress.

I spun up another hank of the coopworth for the light lopi sweater. Half of the wicked witch final hank is spun, and I started on the green color for the light lopi.

I’ve been doing a lot of spinning outside these days, Bug wants to play outside and the weather has been fantastic. So I’ve just grown accustomed to taking my wheel out on the porch while she plays. Tonight one of my neighbors, who has been watching me surreptitiously, decided to come over and ask a bit more about it. Mind you I had dinner on the stove at the time, I was sauteeing vegetables for vegetarian spaghetti, which I had been looking forward to all week. So my neighbor catches me and starts asking me a bunch of technical questions about spinning, and I get the feeling that she’d really like to see more of it. So I asked her to wait, ran inside, turned off the stove (which was smelling a bit burned) and grabbed a couple of hanks of yarn. My neighbor was just enchanted, and asked many questions and felt the yarn, and said she would love to learn to knit, and all the while I am smelling something a bit burned even outside. I can’t seem to politely get away, and I know I turned the burner off, so I console myself with that. Finally the neighbor wanders back to her house, and I wander inside to turn my dinner back on. It is so smokey you cannot imagine! Apparently I turned the burner on high rather than off, and my poor dinner was absolutely burned through and through. I was terribly disappointed! I felt like a doof, and it felt like such a waste since fresh food is so expensive these days, you know?

I had to vent out the house really well including Bugs room which had gotten really bad and the smoke just poured up the stairs. But by bedtime all was well again. I was able to salvage just enough off the top to make one dinner for me, which I will eat at lunch time tomorrow.

I’ve been working on the second of J’s socks, almost to where I need to place the heel. My goal is to have them done by next weekend. I also got a lot of work done on the francie sock, and I would also like them done next weekend, but that isn’t so much of a goal as a desire. If spinning supersedes, I won’t take issue with that!

I leave you with Francie pictures:
And a shot of the sole of the foot. Yes, you read that right, this is the sole of the foot, fantastic isn’t it?


About 2 weeks ago I began to panic that the kauni sweater would be too small. That it just might not fit. So like anyone who likes to practice a good dose of denial every now and then, I stopped working on it and chose to ignore it. Until tonight.

Yes, it does fit just fine!  Even if I was wearing a shirt underneath.  It will be ok.

A bit of excitement

I finished the first of J’s duet socks yesterday.  Toe up, afterthought heel, in my favorite no thinking pattern.  I think I can finish the second sock by next weekend when he is supposed to come home.  Looks a little odd on my foot as my feet are way too small to fit the socks.

Yesterday I acquired these:

(These two are merino bamboo blend and below is BFL)

But it is the story of the acquisition that is a fair bit more interesting than the beautiful roving itself.

You see, Miss Violet, who dyes sock yarn for Lime N Violet and for The Loopy Ewe, posted on our ravelry message board that she needed some help dyeing a batch for The Loopy Ewe.  She would pay in Roving if someone could give her a hand.  She posted this in the middle of the night sometime, and I actually read it in the middle of the night, as Bug had woken up and had an accident in her bed and I had to change sheets and all, so sleep was eluding me after that.  But I thought I couldn’t do it as I had to work the next day, and I went to sleep.

But it kept working its way into the front of my mind, and by the time I was thinking it through in the shower, I thought perhaps favorite coworker would be willing to cover for me and I could go do it anyhow.  Of course by that time others had posted that they might be willing to help.  Not wanting to step on any toes, I let her know that I might be able to do it if she needed help earlier than people were proposing.  You see, it worked out so nicely as it was the ex’s night to pick up the Bug so I was basically free until 8 PM providing I could get the time off work.

Well she let us know that indeed she needed someone early and how soon could I get there?  I checked with coworkers and favorite coworker (bless her heart!) said she would cover my shift.  (Thank you thank you!) I made it to Miss V’s a bit before 10 AM and for the next 9.5 hours we dyed yarn!

The bin of yarn we had to dye looked overwhelming!  You just don’t see that much yarn in one place unless you are at a store, and even then it is already dyed, skeined and has a label.  What was in the bin and out on the tables awaiting dye was the entire Loopy order, and we were going to try to get as much done as possible.  So she set me to work mixing dyes and I quickly caught on to the flow of things.  I had been warned that there would be downtime, but to be honest, once we got in the groove, there just wasn’t.  It seems that there was always something to be doing for the next batch and the trick was figuring out what really should be done first to keep the work flowing smoothly.  After 6.5 hrs or so Adminnie came to help and that is when it felt like things were really flying, with her rinsing and me mixing dye/cycling pans in and out of the stove, and Miss V dying the yarn.  I just about couldn’t believe it when I put the last of the undyed skeins up in pans, was it really possible we had gotten through all of that yarn?  Well one look at the yarn drying outside confirmed that, and what a pretty site that was!

I had to leave to get home for Bug about 7:30, but I wasn’t leaving without mixing up the last set of colors for the last pans on the last colorway for the order.  I was sad to not have seen them finished, but I am sure that they are just as lovely as the colorways we worked on all day.

I am telling you, that was some serious hard work.  Physically hard work.  I am quite sore today, legs, feet, back, neck, and hands.  I couldn’t even knit this morning and last night I could barely move.  Bug got home and we read a book and it was straight to bed for her.  I crashed soon after, and as she generally comes down 2 or 3 times after going to bed, I am sure she was quite surprised to find all the lights out and mommy asleep.  Yes, indeed I was exhausted, but it was that great, elated, satisfying type of exhaustion that tells me that I have had fun, been creative, and productive.

Miss V never imagined that we would get the entire order done in one day, so Sheri at Loopy is going to be very surprised!  I do hope that we can do it again sometime, and stay tuned as I’ll link you to the order once it goes up at Loopy.

My own sock wars

Seems like I’ve been hearing a lot about sock wars lately, an event I decided not to participate in this year.  I know I could compete but I wasn’t sure I really wanted to.  (An “assassin” style game played by knitting your target a pair of socks and shipping them off before you get assassinated.)

I am not sorry I refrained.  Get that many knitters in one place and seems that snarkiness ensues.  It is too bad really, as I am sure it ruins the experience for many.  And makes some, like me, hesitant to join in the future.  I get that I am a fast knitter, I get that I could do well, but I also understand my tolerance for participating in forum drama is low.

So, I’ve been sponsoring my own personal sock wars.  Yes, thats right, I have 2 pair on the needles right now, and I have no idea which one will assassinate the other.

First up is J’s sock.  I got this fantastic duet middy sock yarn for him awhile back because he just loves his handknit socks.  Him being so far and me being worried makes my fingers just itch to knit for him.  I suppose it calms me down somewhat.

I am just doing a simple seed stitch rib and afterthought heel.  Yes, you’ve seen it before, it’s nothing new.  In fact, my absolute favorite pair of socks are made exactly like this.  I am debating doing the top ribbing in the blue color as well.

It is so terribly boring to knit this sock, so I have been saving it for times when I really don’t have the brain power to think about a pattern, or times when I am likely to be distracted.  It is going slow.

And the other sock is the Francie sock, which is just as gorgeous as it can be.  I just love the patterning across the bottom of the foot.  I got this Jojoland melody yarn, which basically looks like a 3 ply with long subtle color changes.

I really had to spread the sock out so that you could see some of the pattern.  And yes, its accurate, much more blue at the top than the working edge.  I am really enjoying the pattern thus far, and I will certainly use this yarn again.  Actually, I am very happy with the duet yarn too!  Both are great quality yarns.

Hypnosis socks

Are done!  They really were hypnosis socks, as I couldn’t seem to put them down.  I love the colorway, just very rich and pretty.  The colors flowed nicely one to another, no awkward pooling.

I have one complaint about the design, it leaves a ridge over the top of my foot that wants to pop up.  This could, of course, be my fault since the sock is supposed to pull in over that section, but because the leg was way too small and I added half a repeat, that is not where the pattern landed.  I am not sure I would have wanted 2 full repeats on the leg though, that would be a very long sock!

Figgy Pudding BFL

I’ll have more and better pictures of this just as soon as we see some sunshine around here, but I wanted to get it posted.

390 yards sock weight yarn spun from Chameleon Colorworks figgy pudding colorway.

I keep saying that I do not like spinning BFL, but this was wonderful to spin.  So apparently I had gotten some BFL that was low quality.

In other news, I spun up another hank of the coopworth roving.  I concentrated on spinning not only a bit thinner, but lighter.  My tendency is to press hard on the coopworth fibers because it is so hard to get them smooth, this causes me to use more roving for yard of yarn and gives me a heavy final product.  So I had to think light and airy.  Luckily coopworth is pretty forgiving, so even though I spun light and a bit thick and thin, after a good wash and whack, it turned into light even yarn.  So that was most certainly a learning experience for me!


I finished one hypnosis sock, colorway is peacock from chameleon colorworks.

I took some liberties with the pattern and ended up quite pleased with it.  I would not have liked it as written though.  Way too short of a leg.

ADD knitting

I’ve not been able to focus on any one project for a couple of weeks now. I wish I could, I just can’t. And if I cannot focus on a project, it never feels like progress is being made, and so I don’t post anything at all.

So instead, perhaps I should show you various projects in progress that need some attention. Or I could distract you with my hair. Yes, I’ll do that. Here is my new hair, complete with a picture of handknit socks drying in the background.

OR maybe we can distract you with another awesome picture of the Bug.

Alright, enough distraction already, let’s look at a run down of all the projects I have started recently and cannot stick to.

First we have the Hanami, with a tencel yarn.

I frogged it.  I can’t see the pattern well enough to knit the lace, and the tencel is so slippery it drops right off my needles.  The yarn is some sort of a boucle and it obscures the pattern so severely that I have to try something else with it.

I have Kauni progress pictures.  You can see that I lost a line of patterning, had to move some colors around and take a bunch out, and got the pattern back.  I hope it is ok.

Let’s talk socks, since I have been on a roll with them.

I have a pair started in Duet for J

And I have a pair I started for me, pattern called hypnosis, from the chameleon colorworks sock club fiasco.  I have healed enough to finally start knitting up the yarn.

Now, the pattern asks me to start making a heel right there, but that is a rather short sock.  It isn’t long enough to be a regular sock and not short enough to be an ankle sock, so I am doing another full pattern repeat so that the leg doubles in size.  If I don’t have enough yarn I will have to do scraps for the toe.

I did knit the rustic coopworth roving into the very beginning of a lite lopi sweater, but I have to spin more, and spin more thinly, for the rest of the project.  I am sure that the larger gauge will be good around my hips anyhow, so I am not going to stress over the change in gauge in that area of my body.

Working with my own yarn for a sweater is really an experience completely different from buying yarn.  I have to say, I have some nice yarn!  It is heavy, the navajo ply joins don’t show even a little bit, and I love the way it feels.  It is a good deal softer than I expected too.

I have some spinning on the bobbins to finish up before I work up more coopworth for the sweater though, so it may be quite some time until you see this again.

So that is your update.  Next up will be figgy pudding chameleon colorworks roving all spun up in 2 ply sock weight yarn.  I am telling you, it is the prettiest I have ever spun.

Well that’s that

Public speaking class is over, final was tonight.  I chose to complete 50 out of the 65 available extra credit points this half.  I received A’s or A+’s all the way through so that class is at least a solid A.  I am quite pleased.  And also glad it is over.  Though there is a small part of me that considers taking Argumentation and Debate next semester.  Don’t hold me to that though.

Base Color

I have finally spun a hank of the coopworth roving which will be used as the base yarn for the light lopi sweater.

I have to say, this is the first time I have ever spun something that had so much vegetable matter (VM) in it.  I had to stop quite frequently to pick out this or that bit of straw or leaves or dirt.  There is also nothing soft about this yarn.  I am so accustomed to spinning merino or merino blends that spinning this was quite a challenge, even though many people start out spinning coopworth.  Well, it is good to stretch my skills either way.

This one is also navajo plyed and it really came out looking even.  It will be fun to at least be able to start swatching for the sweater now.

Monkeying around again.

I finished another pair of Monkey’s.  These are actually for me.  I could start the pattern all over again believe it or not!

Made from left over handmaiden mini maiden that I used for my Clapotis.

In other news, J is off to Europe for 3 weeks.  I know that we often go 3 weeks without seeing each other, but we do not often go 3 weeks without chatting on the phone every night.  Sorry to be a sap, but I am going to miss that.

What shall we talk about today?

We could perhaps talk about how Bug has prompted me to set up an appointment to get my hair cut by yesterday noting “Mommy, it must be crazy hair day at your school, cause your hair is crazy!”

Or we could talk about how J’s BMW oil sensor is again not working.  A fact that he finds terribly irritating and I find most amusing.  At least this time the car is honest, it lets him know that the oil sensor has malfunctioned rather than blaming the oil itself.

Better yet, I can give you an update on how bookshelf #2 looks.  When we left off talking about the bookshelf I told you that J wanted to get 2 more bookcases and wanted to assemble them himself.  Well he did get one, and I gently suggested that perhaps he should leave it for me to put together the next time I visited.  He wanted it done right away.  Later on I received a call from him telling me that he had part of it put together but it was slow going.  The next day I asked if he had finished it.  Well apparently he had, with a few, shall we call them, modifications.  Apparently he could not get the hardware to lock down properly as I could, so he was frustrated with that, and then since I had “mentioned that I had done something wrong with the top”  (the molding was turned the wrong way) he assumed that this meant I put the entire top on backwards.  So he did the opposite.  So he put the top on backwards.  I said, “You know, its OK, just leave it and I will fix it next time I visit.”  His response?  Get ready for it!  “Well, I don’t think you will be able to fix it actually, because when I couldn’t get it to go together right, I just glued it all.”  Um…yeah…I don’t think I can fix it.  I asked him to please promise that he would not try to put together the third bookcase.  He was more than agreeable.