My own version of a scrap quilt

This has been a fantastic week of wandering through some of my memories and contemplating that which makes me who I am. Thank you for indulging me. There is something special about getting some of those thoughts down in journal form that makes me think perhaps I am tending some roots for The Bug.

As a wrap up, I have decided to show you something I have been playing around with this weekend. Let me assure you, I cannot quilt, and my sewing skills are sadly lacking. I don’t have fabric for scrap quilts nor do I have the expertise to make one. So I can only make something which would suit me.

I bring to you the mitered square scrap blanket. I will be using sock weight and fingering weight for this, and I will make it from all the many scraps I have been saving in the hope that they could be used somewhere.

Each color has its own story. Yes, I would take donations to speed up the project but only if they come with their own stories as well.

I am most thrilled to add bits and pieces of handspun, the large plum colored square is the leftover from favorite coworkers stole.

This is a long term project but I think it will be fun to see it come together as time passes.

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