Heavy Lopi

My lite lopi is heavy! But progress has been made.

I have spun up all the yarn I have for this, and I am not convinced it will be enough, I may have to get more coopworth roving. But I do have a full sleeve attached and a second sleeve started.

I do hope that the rolled hem blocks down a bit, it is longer than it looks!

Yes I did finish a project

While I was busy thinking through various memories and blogging about them, I finished a project.

This is a branching out scarf, done in handmaiden sea silk held double throughout. I absolutely adore how it turned out, and blocking and ironing it after it was complete made the whole project shine!

Creating memories

So with all this talk of memories and roots and such things, I decided that I should spend some time with the Bug doing things that weren’t housework related.  It seems that there are so many things to get done that I often don’t just take her somewhere for fun.  She has been bugging me to go get ice cream, and since I don’t like ice cream and I don’t take her, I have resisted.  Well yesterday I decided we would go get us some ice cream.

Turns out that there was also an art show with vendors and live music where we went.  We got our ice cream, I even ordered some for me.  Bug had “blue with sprinkles” and I had some sort of brownie thing that I thought I could like.  Trouble is, I just don’t really like ice cream.  So I ate about 3 bites and saved the rest for her.  She ate all hers and then I offered mine.  Well she didn’t like mine!  Probably the lack of blueness to the ice cream turned her off.

We then wandered around the vendors and sat for a long time listening to the live music.  It was a nice afternoon!

I learned a lesson yesterday, if I leave my knitting needles on the couch, and Bug walks on them and breaks one, I am going to get a lecture.

“Bug, you broke one of mommy’s needles”

“Well Mommy, that is why you shouldn’t leave your knitting on the couch!”

“No Bug, that is why you should not WALK on mommy’s couch!”

In other news, I hit an all time low on my weight again today.  I haven’t been working at losing this year, because I just don’t feel like I need to.  I am down so far from last year that it just doesn’t seem necessary even though I could stand to lose more.  I noticed last week that my clothes seem to be more ill fitting than usual again, the pants that were previously large are literally falling off, so I thought perhaps I should step on the scale.  Lo and behold, all winter weight is gone and then some!  Of course, now I am inspired.