The weekend

I think I’ll just go with a generic weekend summary today. I’ve a couple things to post but nothing earth shattering.

Bugs father called me recently and asked me if I was pregnant. My reaction was along the lines of “WHAT?!?!? NO WAY!!! Where did you hear that?

Apparently her dad had put her in a shirt that didn’t fit. He told her that they had to stop wearing it. She informed him that she intended to take it home because Mommy could use it for the new baby.

Um….she must know something I don’t know!

This weekend we went to the “scariest movie I never saw.” We went to see “The Strangers.” J had thought it would be a fantasy type thriller and I thought I could handle that. We did not expect it to be a horror film.

Initially he saw my reaction and said “It is just a movie….it’s just a movie!” Then he started realizing JUST how scary it was, pretty soon he is hanging onto my hand and saying “I am sorry sweetie, I didn’t expect it to be like this!”

Now by that time I’d had my eyes closed for awhile. I had no intention of watching a scary movie that would stick with me. I could tell by the music that it was a very effective scary movie, as well as the audience reaction. Actually, it is rather amusing to listen to everyone in the theater scream, including the guys, and repeatedly, when you are not actually watching the movie and aren’t that scared. Meanwhile J is still saying “Sweetie, sweetie, don’t open your eyes, just try to sleep or something.” How funny. I don’t think he will try to put me through that again.

I worked quite bit on my Kauni this weekend. I am bored of the current colors and am hoping for new ones to line up soon. I also worked a bit on the pomatamus sock and figured that I’d give a full repeat picture for posterity’s sake.