Now that the latest branching out scarf is done, we can get back to working on a few other ongoing projects.  And add a few new ones!

I’ve joined the Goddess Knits anniversary shawl knit along.  This is a round shawl with a mandala theme.  What I am enjoying the most about it is that the designer is giving us chart choices, so every shawl will look a bit different.

I am using jojoland harmony yarn which borders on a cobweb weight.  It was quite a challenge to start it, but I am getting a bit more used to it now.

This picture is through clue one. 

I have also started on a pair of Monkeys for a cousin whom I will see in August.  I am working on them as my work project and feel fairly confident they be done by then.

2 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Wow – that looks great! I’ve never seen a shawl done in the round like that. You’ll have to bring it next time! K

  2. Hooray for more monkeys! It’s such a great pattern that can be knit again without tiring of it; definitely an awesome quality to have in a yarn.

    Your shawl is so amazing! I know you are worried about it being on the smaller side but anything it gives up in size is made up for in the awesomeness of the condensed detail.

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