This weekend J and I did our typical coffee shop run.  Since we had no where else to be, we decided that we would sit and visit in the shop for longer than usual.  I brought a crossword puzzle as it is one of our favorite past times and we scored the good seats and settled in.

J noticed this guy who we had seen somewhere else, a buff kind of tattooed alternative type.  Tanned, looked like a personal trainer (see that appearances thing coming into play?) nice looking but certainly different than us.  He had been standing about waiting for his coffee, but came over to talk to us.  He asked if we were teachers.  I said that I wasn’t, and J didn’t respond.  Tattooed guy laughed and said “It’s just that you look so much like my sister, the hair, the clothes, and (indicating J) you look like my brother in law, and they are both teachers.  They love to do crossword puzzles and read, and I just thought that you might be teachers too.”

So in the amount of time it took for me to size him up and make assumptions about his personal appearance, which tied into the assumptions I made about his career and his lifestyle, he had done the same with us.

I know a gal who extols the virtues of well pressed clothes.  She ascertains that even if you have very little spending cash, you can still look clean and tidy with a decent iron, and that there is no excuse not to do it.  I’ve heard her mention this frequently.  I once saw a picture of her and her children online, and I am telling you, she practices what she preaches.  She and her kids were tidy and clean and well pressed.  They all looked fantastic.

When I first met J, he took me shopping.  With his eye for clothing, colors, and styles, I soon had purchased clothes that were more professional and better fitting than anything I had previously owned.  It all became clear what a difference this made when I went to the local yarn shop.  They asked me where I worked, I told them, and they assumed I was a doctor.

Now, I am not telling you that I always go out of the house with nice clothing, make up and hair done.  Pretty far from the truth actually.  My yard is my own place where I can wear junk.  But I do take a bit more care when going farther than that now.  Yes it takes a bit of extra energy when I may not have much left, but it is worth it to me.

Oddly, I had an experience this morning which tied right into the appearances post I had been contemplating.  Miss Bug went in for a dental appointment today.  She has a cavity right on her front tooth.  She needs a crown even though it is a baby tooth.  Apparently the most common crown for a kid is silver.  And I just could not stand the thought of my baby having a silver tooth right up in front.  It just won’t look right!  There are technically 3 options for this and I have weighed them carefully.  If she puts up with it, we can try to do one that keeps her tooth looking normal, but if she won’t tolerate it, we might not have an option but to do the silver tooth.