The Binky Fairy

Bug has been anticipating giving up her nighttime binky for awhile now.  She knew that when she turned 4 she would have to get rid of them all.  I informed her that her Doctor would be telling her that 4 yr olds cannot have binkies.  So she knew that this time was coming.  We talked about a binky fairy who might bring her a nice toy if she could give up all her binkies.

Last evening I took her with me to a Borders knit night.  I thought she could hang with me for awhile if she was good and we’d leave if she got obnoxious.  She never really got obnoxious, she spent a lot of time going to the children’s section, getting a book, bringing it back to look at, returning it to the children’s section, and choosing another book.  She really seemed to be at her element in the book store.  She was quite quiet as I had asked her to be ahead of time, since the adults would be talking.  She worked hard to be quiet and it wasn’t until we were about ready to leave that she found some toys to annoy my friends with.

One of the books she had looked at was a large princess coloring book complete with stickers.  She really wanted it.  Since we had been to the Dentist that morning, I asked her if she thought she could give up her binkies in order that the binky fairy could bring her that book.  She really liked that idea and talked about it with me all the way home.  I was not at all convinced she would actually do this, but was more than willing to give it a shot.

She had some concerns about the binkies.  She wanted to know what the binky fairy was going to do with that many binkies!?!  Why would she need so many?  Did she have babies too?  I told her that yes, the binky fairy has lots of babies and needs the binkies for her babies.  This seemed to satisfy her curiosity.

We got home later than usual and she immediately went upstairs and collected her binkies.  She knew all their hiding spots and was even trying to get rid of the binky belonging to one of her dolls.  I informed her that her baby doll could keep her binky.  She put them all in a white basket and put them outside.  I told her that the binky fairy would not bring the toy until she did the same thing at daddy’s house too.  She didn’t like this idea much at all!  I was insistent though, and she accepted it.

It was a rough night.  She came downstairs quite a bit.  She kept telling me she needed something for her mouth, that her fingers don’t feel good in her mouth (Thank goodness for that!!!) but she did not want those binkies back!  We finally got to sleep about midnight, she was persistent about the whole thing.

I wrote her a note from the binky fairy this morning, and placed it in the basket along with a new pair of undies.  The note thanked her for her binkies and said that the fairy babies would be very happy to use the new binkies.  It also mentioned that she needed to take the basket to daddy’s house and do the same thing there and then she would leave a gift.

She informed me on the way to school that the binky fairy did not need ALL of the binkies.  The binky fairy would not mind if she kept one binkie.  I told her that this was true.  The binky fairy will not mind if she keeps one binky but the binky fairy also cannot leave a toy if she keeps a binky.  She has a special night at her dads tonight so we can nip this habit in the bud.  She was a little sad this morning, but proud of herself.  All the pieces are in place, so we will see if he is able to follow through too.  He seems on board.

And I need to run out to Borders and get her special gift.

I do have to say, the binkies are a security blanket for me too, I will freely admit that.  I am scared that from now on she won’t be able to sleep properly and neither will I.  I am exhausted this morning, terribly exhausted.  I knew last night that if I just gave her a binky that I could get some rest too.  I am having a hard time giving up my binkies!!!

3 thoughts on “The Binky Fairy

  1. It was a combination of going to the dentist that morning and him asking her to please give them up, and the offer of the book. But the book was a huge factor as she didn’t want polly pockets or even a barbie instead. It was all about that book!

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