The next class that is the most logical for me to take in the upcoming semester is Ethnic Literature.  The trouble is, the only class offering of it is mid day right during work, twice a week.  I am lucky enough to have flexible coworkers who would cover for me, where I can make up the time every week, but I am just really struggling with the thought of trying to make up that much time and go to class twice weekly.  I guess I have to sleep on it a bit.

The advantages are that it will not mess with my daughters schedule with her father.  I won’t have to switch things around.  On the other hand, I am struggling to figure out just where I am going to fit study time if I am busy waking up early to go to work early to make up missed time for class.  I am normally studying at 5:30 AM but I will have a new earlier schedule at work, and between that and making up time, it may get quite interesting.  And Bug goes to bed later than ever, so my dubious evening study time might be scarce as well.

And finally, I have a large work conference this semester which class would conflict with on 2 of the conference days.  This conference is really the culmination and the shining light of what I do at work, and missing even a portion of it would be difficult for myself, for my faculty, and for my attendees.

So the options are to skip this semester, or take the class and deal with the ensuing consequences.  I guess I’ll sleep on it.

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