Pinwheel sweater

It is entirely possible that I became obsessed with this project over the weekend.

This is quite a way past the armholes, which I put scrap yarn in to mark a la the afterthought heel. I couldn’t make heads or tails of the pattern instructions, so instead I used the technique I know best.

I had to make it quite a bit larger than the child’s pattern, but I measured it against Bugs most recent clothing to determine width across back and sleeve hole needs.

It has what noro users will know well, noro knots. That quick change to blue was one of those knots and there are others which are slightly less noticeable. Generally I would be anal enough to resplice the yarn in a more appropriate place, but instead I opted to let them be, since the original pattern calls for more drastic color changes.

I am quite pleased thus far, and hope to have it done before vacation. The lovely cotton of the sweater will make it great New England cool evening wear.

But wait! There’s More!

Look again at the picture, do you see what the sweater is on? One of those interlocking foam mats! Found them this weekend at Sam’s club, there are a total of 8 of them and they also came with borders. No longer will I be relegated to the couch every time I have to block something. Now I can customize my blocking board to the project and sleep well too!

2 thoughts on “Pinwheel sweater

  1. Hooray for blocking boards!! I plan to pick those up as well at whatever point I knit something larger than a sock. Sweater is looking fabulous!

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