The Bug

She sleeps.

She spent 2 nights at her dads, and didn’t sleep well there.  The first night she slept late.  The second night he kept her awake through naptime in order that she might get on a better nighttime schedule.  Um no….she just got really super hyper and had no binky to calm her down.  She also did not nap at his house yesterday so I was quite concerned about last night.

She and I had a long talk about sleeping.  We talked about how often she is coming downstairs.  We agreed upon treats the next day if she could manage to not come downstairs unless she needed the potty.  We reinforced this throughout the evening, but I didn’t concentrate on it.

Her dad tries to sympathize with her over how hard it is to sleep with the binky.  I decided less focus on the binky was the way to go, as she has already given it up in her head, so no sense making a big deal about it.

I put her to bed a bit early, since she hasn’t been sleeping well, and I know that with this child, “good sleep begets good sleep.”  I hoped that if we start the process early, then maybe she’d be sleeping at a more reasonable time.

The first time she came downstairs, I told her that if she did not have to go to the bathroom, then she better get herself back up the stairs or I would take away the treats.  The next time she came down, before she opened the door, I reminded her that she better not open that door unless she needed to use the bathroom.  She opened the door, used the bathroom, and headed upstairs informing me that she would now lay down and not play with her toys.

She seems to have done just that.  I went up to check on her and turn off her AC and she was sleeping so well, all curled up with her head on her stuffed sheep.  This morning when I went to get her for school, she was still sleeping.  So hopefully we will establish this new routine and both mommy and the Bug will be feeling much better.

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