State of the Nation

Remember that big storm we had here recently?  Let’s just say, as severe as it was, it was not Katrina.

Trouble is, people are acting like it was.  They are lining up and demanding foodstamps because they were without power and they lost food from their fridge.

Now, I consider myself more than fortunate, so perhaps I need a dose of perspective, but I put the ice packs from my freezer into my fridge, and we ate what we could.  I did lose food.  I was sad to throw things out.  But eating a bit less never hurt anyone.

I do believe that there are people in this city who are a lot less fortunate than I am, and I am sure that this could turn into a difficult time, but there were churches and food pantries set up for that.

I fail to understand why people are feeling the need to ask for food stamps a week after the storm was over and while everyone now has power?  This would imply that people are overstocking their coffers with food, meaning that they had enough to buy copious amounts of food in the first place to lose.  I did not lose much because I did not have a huge amount to lose.  If you really don’t have much cash on hand, then it is not wise to spend a good portion of your cash on food inventory which can spoil.  Somehow the whole thing I find slightly irritating.  I don’t want to be callous but yet it doesn’t make sense to me.  This was not a natural disaster of epic proportions, this was a storm which we have a lot of in this state and we should all be well prepared for.  Yes, there have been more storms than usual this year, but it comes as no surprise that we would have one that would knock out power for a time.

Now, if you have had a tree or two fall on your house and you are without food and shelter….you should certainly have some assistance from various places.  If your power went out for a few days, yeah, it kind of sucks, but it is not an unusual occurrence.

My favorite coworker blogged about this too, I think we should read what she has to say.

I think the American public has got to stop saying “what can I get out of my government” and start saying “what needs to be changed and how can we actively affect that change in our government.”

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