Pretty Princess Teeth

Well Bug went in for her dental appointment today. The big one. I don’t think they explained very well last time what all she needed done. There was a language barrier last time for sure. Because she needed 2 fillings and 2 crowns. They gave her the nitrous oxide and told me that if the insurance didn’t cover it, they would give it for free. They didn’t want her to flip out.

The first 2 cavities were quite small, so no numbing was required. Those went super smoothly. But when they numbed for the top teeth, the poor kid just lost it. She laid still but cried through the rest of the procedure. On the other hand, they were able to do the white composite crowns just fine because she did keep her tongue back and she did obey even though she really struggled with the pain and the scariness of it all.

The dentist referred to her crowns and princess teeth, which I thought was pretty funny.

So I bring you the Bug with her 2 new princess teeth.

They are a lot more straight now, as the real teeth were crooked and gapped.