The final weekend progress pictures.

So I think I’ve hit every item on my to do list. Nicks sock yarn is balled and in my bag to cast on at work tomorrow. That leaves me 2 weeks of working on them during work time before I leave for vacation. Decent. They won’t be done before vacation, but they will be close, and I can work on them in the plane.

I spun more coopworth, washed it, balled it up, and worked on the lite lopi. If I wasn’t dyeing and spinning this one, it would be a very quick knit. When you last saw it, the second sleeve was not done. Now both sleeves are done and attached, and I have started the colorwork.


I worked on Bug’s pinwheel sweater. I am working on the double icord edging. It isn’t going well. There are spots where I didn’t make them wrap properly. I’ll own up to it! I don’t enjoy this part either and it is taking so much time. I feel that it is taking more time than it took to knit the pinwheel in the first place. Of course, since I am not enjoying it I have to force myself to work on it. I do like the edging end result, and even though it is not done yet, I thought I’d show it off.

Now since so much of my to do list got done, it is perhaps no great surprise that I was not able to resist casting on my brand new handspun for the montego bay scarf! And I am telling you, I cannot love more knitting with someone else’s handspun. I love how the scarf is working up and I am absolutely in love with the yarn! Take a look!


Nothing else will be put on my wheel until I receive some beautiful sanguine gryphon merino/silk roving.  I get to play spinning fairy and I cannot wait!  I am insisting my wheel stay still until it comes in.  So much knitting in the next couple days.

5 thoughts on “The final weekend progress pictures.

  1. Ooooh, the montego bay looks fabulous! And the pinwheel looks great – A lot of times you notice mistakes whereas everyone else wouldn’t. I think I’m just so distracted looking at the pretty colors! 🙂

  2. Really really? You are really going to leave your wheel empty?! I’m so excited for that roving to arrive!

    I *love* that you have made that lopi from start to finish; I can’t wait until I can do a project in such a fashion as well. It adds even more specialness and meaning to an already beautiful piece.

    I’m also still in awe of how quickly you make things. You are a serious maniac when it comes to speed; I swear you just started that pinwheel two days ago! Has the Bug seen it? What does she think of it? She must love the colours!

  3. Bug can’t wait for it to be done. She gets irritable with me if I knit something else. She also is getting annoyed that I won’t make her hat or her Nana’s hat. So she is excited, and she loves the purple most of all.

    I am feeling a push to finish the lopi though, I think I started that in February?

  4. You’ve been so busy! I totally love the pinwheel. Too bad it’s no fun right now. Sounds like it’s a good learning experience with I-cord (which I truthfully don’t even know what that is, though I’ve seen the term before 😉 Maybe it’ll make you love it all the more when it’s finished.

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