February in August

Ravelympics.  Where ravelers pick a challenging project to cast on during the opening ceremonies with the attempt to complete before closing ceremonies, thus, competing.  Rule is that it must be a challenging project, but not unattainable.

How about I knit a sweater in 17 days?  The fastest I have ever knit a sweater was the Starmore Aran sweater I knit for J last year, in a month and a half.  I’ve wanted to knit the February Lady Sweater for quite some time now, but felt that I had too many projects rolling around in my brain to start.  I suspect that making a sweater in 17 days might be a challenge, but since opening ceremonies start during my vacation, and 2 of those days will be car or plane rides, I think I could manage it.  So I will compete this year, in the Sweater Sprint.

Swatching before opening ceremonies is considered “training” so that will be done ahead of time, probably when I finish Bug’s pinwheel sweater.  Games commence during opening ceremonies Beijing time.  I will be on the east coast at that point, so I can cast on at 8 AM on 8-8-08.  Shall we look at my gear?

Dream in Color Classy, Beach Fog.  Appropriate name considering where I will be when I cast on.

Let the games begin!

2 thoughts on “February in August

  1. I really think that DIC is going to rock the February Lady. I have no doubt whatsoever actually. And the fact that you are doing and entire *sweater* in the 17 days will entirely motivate me to keep on with the socks I’ll be knitting. I may have to adopt your habit of knitting at stop lights though! *high fives the team*

  2. I also have this pattern in my queue, but I have to tackle several projects before I even start on deciding the yarn for this one. It will be interesting to see your atheletic endeavours with this project 🙂

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