Spinning Fairy’s first strike

As promised, my wheel sat idle until I got my hands on the Sanguine Gryphon handpainted 65% merino, 35% silk Ravenswood roving for Savasana.  Now, this one was a real stretch for me, as I know Sav likes her handspun all barberpoled with the colors mixing together.  So, for the first bobbin I tore the roving into 4 long strips and spun from that.  For the second bobbin, I had Bug help me mix up all the colors and tear it into thinner strips.  Something really amazing that I did not expect happened.  The first bobbin, due to the nature of the handpaint, muddied up the color into a very tweedy thing.  The second bobbin, since I tore it into thinner strips, had color that stayed very saturated and separate.  In the end, I feel like I got more colors out of one roving because of this.

Now, what you are seeing is not washed and finished, as I am going to let Sav do that herself in interest of trying to get the package out today.  But you get the idea.

3 thoughts on “Spinning Fairy’s first strike

  1. *jumps up and down like a maniac*

    I LOVE it! I’m so so excited! You did an amazing job and I love that Bug helped out too! Oh thank you so so so much! *HUGS*

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