I kicked a dog today

I didn’t even know I did it, but someone believes I did.

Today, while at work, I got a call on my cell phone.

Me:  Hello?

Caller:  Hello?

Me:  Hello?

Caller:  Hello?

Me:  Hello, can you please identify yourself.

Caller:  You keeked mah dug.

Me:  (not understanding)  What?

Caller:  You keeked mah dug!  You keeked mah dug, I saw you!

Me:  Ma’am, you have the wrong number.

Caller:  I do not, You keeked mah dug, You came on mah property and you keeked mah dug!

Me:  (sort of laughing)  Um, who is this, please identify yourself, I assure you I did not kick a dog today.

Caller:  Yes you did!  I saw you keek mah dug!

Me:  Who is this! (at this point I am wondering if this is a prank call from a crazy friend, but I don’t know anyone who has such an accent OR who has a similar intonation and timbre.

Caller:  THis is frufru’s mother, you keeked mah dug!

At this point I hand the phone over to favorite coworker, because I am laughing too hard.

Favorite coworker:  Who is this?

Caller:  You keeked mah dug!

Favorite coworker:  Please verify your number, I assure you she would NEVER kick a dog!

Caller:  You keeked mah dug (or some such incoherent rambling)

Favorite coworker:  You have the wrong number.  Lady, you are crazy!

She hands the phone back to me.  Woman is still going on about her dog so I hang up.

All I have to say…..with a name like FruFru, even though I never kicked her dog, I want to now!

7 thoughts on “I kicked a dog today

  1. HAHA, that is hilarious! You have the best conversations with people. Geez, I wish I had stuff like that happen to me! Maybe it does, but it’s in German that I don’t understand? Hmmmm….

  2. Little bunney frufru I dont want to see you keeken ma dug.

    Was the call on your cell phone or work phone?
    Which ever how did they get your number?
    Sounds like a random call or some one that knows you giving you a hard time.

  3. It was to my cell phone, and the number was listed as private. The call could have been from anywhere in that case.

    I really suspect that it was a misdialed number, and I have gotten great pleasure today in the thought of her trying to redial the number after I hung up and getting a completely different person, and realizing how unhinged she was to a complete stranger.

    Then again, if she is as unhinged as she sounds, she might not have realized it. She didn’t seem to have any concept that favorite coworker was a completely different person than I was.

  4. One of our patients escaped and called you. You evil dog kicker, you. You’re now in the ranks of James, who was accused of kicking a duck once. He *should* have kicked the duck, as it kept biting him, but he didn’t. That didn’t stop some old woman from chewing him a new one for kicking it though. Shells & James, Dog and Duck Kickers. 😀

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