I snuck it in!

I’ve been keeping myself on a tight schedule of knitting socks lately, as I have 2 pair I would like to get done before ravelympics, and one of them has a deadline of August 3. But…as you know by now, project monogamy is not really my strong suit. So I couldn’t resist sneaking a couple other things in as well. Don’t worry, deadline socks are coming along quite nicely even so and I am sure I can finish them.

Here is 242 yards of black BFL from Gale’s art.

The muted colors in this are rather a change for me, but I love them! It is what attracted me to the roving in the first place. I had begun spinning it months and months ago but let it get put aside in interest of finishing the lite lopi sweater.

The other one I’ve been sneaking rows in on is the handspun montego bay scarf. It is knitting up quite quickly and I love how it looks!

OK, thats it, no more sneaky knitting until Nicks socks are done!

2 thoughts on “I snuck it in!

  1. Hey there girl….I finally came back around to read your blog…and look at you! Already almost done knitting with that handspun I sent you! It looks great, thanks for appreciating handspun! It so much fun to see other knit with your own handspun! We put so much love into handspun yarn, don’t we?

    I will keep reading your blog from time to time!

    Rowen aka Maiziemama

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