Ravelympics updates.

I personally completed my ravelympics training. I couldn’t be more ready. I do not typically swatch carefully, and I have never washed and blocked a swatch. This has not often been to my detriment, though once in awhile I get burned. For the most part, I find I’d rather frog and reknit than swatch in the first place. Call me crazy, I know! I figured though, that for an event where a deadline was key, I had really better carefully swatch as to not lose time with a reknit. Also, I’ve been hearing rumors about the yarn I chose, it apparently likes to expand upon contact with water. So I did actually wash this one before I checked my gauge.

I am a chronically loose knitter, going down at least 2 needle sizes to achieve proper gauge, and this was no exception. 2 needle sizes down and I had the exact gauge that was called for. How cool is that! Yes, I am just a little excited over this new experience!

I figured I’d show you, partly because this indicates how the yarn will knit up colorwise as well. I have to say, this one is going to be purdy! Very soft and subtle and I think it will look nice over a dark top in the winter.

In other ravelympics news, we now have a team sporum with some of my favorite people. Competing with me will be:

Savasana on sock put.

Sarah on both scarf stroke and laceweight longjump.

Phyllis on shawl relay and just in case we don’t think she is crazy…hat dash too!

And we may have one other competitor, Carrie, who will be our WIP wrangler.

What is even better is, these gals have agreed to allow me to post their projects and progress here on my blog as well as ravelry, so we get to enjoy those projects all in one place!

Go Team Sporum!

5 thoughts on “Training

  1. Exactly! I mean, if you spend money on good yarn, then a swatch is a waste! If I swatch, I never cut the yarn, preferring to unravel it and start knitting with it.

  2. i also reuse the swatch i.e if I do swatch. The colors have knit up nicely. I will be in WIP wrestling and baby dressage as I have a few baby items to make.

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