The Bug

My lovely daughter, who is growing up before my very eyes, turned 4 on Wednesday.  She made cupcakes for her class and got to wear a crown all day at school.  All around, she had a very good day.  Her favorite part seemed to be giving “her kids” their cupcakes and little toys.

2 kind hearts

There is a lot of talk lately about Ravelry being a cesspool of snarkiness and sarcasm.  It has even touched me at times, sometimes directly and sometimes peripherally.

My mother once told me that I should choose my friends wisely.  I think the same applies to Ravelry.  For the most part, though I have experienced it, the snark and sarcasm are contained to certain places.  If you choose to stay out of those places, you are less likely to encounter it.  I tend to gravitate toward smaller groups with people I’ve known for awhile. And my experiences with the site have been overall quite pleasant.

Furthermore, I have experienced and seen wonderful acts of friendship happen on that site.  The same site that people complain is too snarky and mean.  This is certainly a place where pay it forward applies, and I’ve seen that happening over and over.

Let me explain one such case that encompasses 2 very kind hearted people, one whom I know well, and the other who is a stranger to me.

You may remember how I talked of my yarn fairy, Savasana, scoring Wollmeise yarn.  She has gone above and beyond for me on a regular basis, and she didn’t just gift me one skein, but 3!  Now how she is even planning on giving up those final 2 skeins I have no idea.  I am more selfish than she, so I am glad she is the one who is managing to get her hands on the stuff.

After the 3rd skein she managed to get me, I of course asked her what I can get her in return!  Can I bring her something from Chicago?  Can I send her something I already have?  What is it that I can do to return her generosity in some way?

She had an idea, she had found a lovely sanguine gryphon silk/merino blend roving which she had fallen in love with.  She asked if it is restocked at a future sneak up, even though it wasn’t currently available, could I please spin it for her.  Well of course!  That is an easy and fun job for me.

So we began to wait together for this particular color.  She posted on a Loopy Groupie group that she was waiting for this particular roving.  Soon enough, a woman she doesn’t know messages her and tells her that she will sell her that roving for a deeply discounted price.  And that she had 4 more that she was willing to part with at the same price.  Savasana replied that actually I would be doing the spinning and she would let me know about it.

Well I got quite excited about these rovings.  All of them are beautiful high quality hand dyed rovings and she was selling them quite cheaply.  She explained to me that she went a little nuts buying them in anticipation of a spinning class.  Whereas she learned that she didn’t like spinning at all, and was now trying to get them off her hands.  She told me if I was to take them all at that price she would then pay shipping as well.  I was startled at the crazy generous offer, and I purchased them.  Furthermore, this wonderful woman, who does not know me at all, sent them out right away.  She did not wait for my paypal to clear, but she trusted me and just sent them right out.  (My paypal did clear, just to make it clear.)

I received those rovings today.  I thought the box looked a little big.  I opened it up, and for a moment I thought she had sent the wrong thing!  As I investigated, I realized she had sent not only the ones I ordered but 4 more rovings as well, at no cost to me!  How wonderful and kind was that???  I am sad that I cannot reach through the computer and give her a hug.

So I contacted her and asked which roving she absolutely loved, so that I can spin it up for her and she can have the handspun that she is not destined to make for herself.  Do you see how this works?  3 people, in their generosity, all end up with something they can treasure hand crafted by someone else.

So don’t go on about how Ravelry is mean and snarky.  Just choose your friends wisely, and avoid those who have the difficult tendencies.  Will you get burned from time to time?  Probably, after all, we get burned even in real life.  But I think it is far more likely, when you you have chosen who to associate with wisely, that you will have experiences similar to the one I just had today.

Did you say you wanted to see those rovings?  Why, I must comply!

These are the ones which I purchased from her.

And these are the ones which she gave me out of the kindness of her heart!

Can you imagine how I felt in this picture?

So here are the final lite lopi pictures.  It is complete and it fits well.  I am very pleased with the sweater.  Please note that wearing a coopworth roving sweater in mid July is not advisable in the least!

I cannot believe how well this fits.  I really can’t.  It is perfect in all directions.  The color which I thought was way too bright looks fine when considering that it will be worn in the winter.  I have no complaints whatsoever.

From start to finish

So, I dyed it, I spun it, I knit it, and now I am blocking it.  With this weather it could be a day or two before it dries.  I can tell you this, it fits like a dream!  I was exactly right in the sizing.

I am really only blocking down the curling edge, the rest is fine.  It is going to take too long for the fall to get here to wear it!  When it is dry I’ll take it in to work and have favorite coworker take a picture so you can see just how perfectly it fits.

Oh, and thank you J, for my blocking  boards.  They work perfectly!

Princess Teeth

Bug thinks that her princess teeth are gone now.  I think this comes from getting used to them and finding them to feel natural.  She does tell me frequently though, that she wants to “get rid of all the sugar bugs” so that she never has to get princess teeth again!

The final weekend progress pictures.

So I think I’ve hit every item on my to do list. Nicks sock yarn is balled and in my bag to cast on at work tomorrow. That leaves me 2 weeks of working on them during work time before I leave for vacation. Decent. They won’t be done before vacation, but they will be close, and I can work on them in the plane.

I spun more coopworth, washed it, balled it up, and worked on the lite lopi. If I wasn’t dyeing and spinning this one, it would be a very quick knit. When you last saw it, the second sleeve was not done. Now both sleeves are done and attached, and I have started the colorwork.


I worked on Bug’s pinwheel sweater. I am working on the double icord edging. It isn’t going well. There are spots where I didn’t make them wrap properly. I’ll own up to it! I don’t enjoy this part either and it is taking so much time. I feel that it is taking more time than it took to knit the pinwheel in the first place. Of course, since I am not enjoying it I have to force myself to work on it. I do like the edging end result, and even though it is not done yet, I thought I’d show it off.

Now since so much of my to do list got done, it is perhaps no great surprise that I was not able to resist casting on my brand new handspun for the montego bay scarf! And I am telling you, I cannot love more knitting with someone else’s handspun. I love how the scarf is working up and I am absolutely in love with the yarn! Take a look!


Nothing else will be put on my wheel until I receive some beautiful sanguine gryphon merino/silk roving.  I get to play spinning fairy and I cannot wait!  I am insisting my wheel stay still until it comes in.  So much knitting in the next couple days.