Button Diving

I was holding off choosing buttons for the ravelympics because I knew I would want to dive into my moms button stash.  My great aunt worked in a dress factory where they were allowed to sweep up the buttons at the end of their shift and keep them should they choose to do so.  Consequently, mom has inherited a large amount of buttons in different colors and I remember as a child just loving to sink my hands in them.  All the different colors fascinated me, and sometimes mom would try to entertain me by giving me the project of sorting out all the same buttons and stringing them on one thread.

So I was very eager to pick some out for the February Lady Sweater.  I wanted buttons that had some meaning behind them.  I also wanted to pick out buttons for my pinwheel sweater.  So I went button diving.  And the buttons held exactly the same fascination that they did when I was a child.  Even better, there were still buttons all threaded together.  I literally could not resist opening every single button jar, pouring them on the floor, and sifting through them, even though I was opening colors that were not anywhere near what I was looking for.

I have a few choices, and you are welcome to weigh in!

Due to the name of the yarn, Beach Fog, these seemed appropriate.

Though it is hard to see in this picture, the green really brings out the green in the yarn and seems to match perfectly.

These also match perfectly but are a more subtle choice.

Of course, in button diving, I found many many more that I loved!  I picked out two choices for the pinwheel sweater.

Check these out!  That is a picture of the front and the back of the same buttons.  Both sides look fantastic!

And because my pinwheel sweater will have some hot pink, I had to grab this large hot pink button!

And then there were the buttons I found that I now officially want to plan sweater around…