Vacation knitting

My mandala shawl has really stalled out over the past couple of weeks.  Work has been too busy for me to have the desire for intense lace knitting in the evening.  I brought it on vacation simply to make sure I never ran out of knitting projects, even though I had intended to work on socks and a scarf until ravelympics started.

I found though, that the relaxing time with my family is highly conducive to intense lace knitting, so I worked on the mandala shawl almost exclusively.

I am almost done with clue 4, but as you can see, the shawl is very very small even at the end of clue 4.  I intend to use every single clue 4 choice to expand the shawl, and then possibly add a different, larger edging to increase its size.  Nonetheless, I am very pleased with it.