Ravelympics update, day 5 progress.

I am home safe and sound now.  Headed back to work this morning.  I woke up at 4:30 AM due to the time change, and even though it is only an hour early, I really wanted to nip that in the bud.  So I had to force myself to go back to sleep.  That has caused a bit of a headache for me, but I am sure a good cup of coffee will cure that soon enough.

My plants are looking fantastic, apparently the time in the sun did them no harm, and it rained the evening before I came home so I was viewing them at their best.  I guess I need to make some pesto.  LOL.

No one broke into my home, which is my biggest irrational fear, so I was relieved.

I was able to finish the body of the sweater on the plane and pick up stitches for the sleeves.  I realized that last night was a knit night so I went to that and worked on the sleeves a bit more.  The sweater is currently feeling overwhelming, so since I am so far ahead right now, I have decided not to take it in to work.  I am sure I can finish the sleeves at home.

In team news, we have a lovely scarf photo from Sarah.  She wants us to know that though it doesn’t look like much, she has vacation next week and intends to rock out the rest of it then.  I think it looks great, as I saw it in person last evening.  Plus, she got through a full 2 repeats yesterday.  She has nothing to worry about!  I don’t know if you can see it in the pictures, but the colors run from brown to a deep purply blue.

Ummeyusuf has finished her first baby dressage project, which looks fantastic!  It has adorable little sheep around the yoke.  I love it!  Check it out here.

Now, back to work for me, and we will see what knitting the day brings.  My plate is full of other things, like mowing and grocery shopping, but I am sure I can fit some in!

One thought on “Ravelympics update, day 5 progress.

  1. Your sweater is looking great. It’s only 1.5 sleeves, you can do them at home. You have already done so much knitting in 5 days, wow.
    Sarah’s scarf is also so lovely, colors are gorgeous!

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