Not a Ravelympics post!

Precious little has been knit on my sweater.  This is due to a case of travel weariness that was overwhelming yesterday.  I could do little more than sit on the couch and veg.  So I thought I would post some sock progress instead, though these are most likely socks that you don’t know about yet!  😉

The brown sock is one I worked on in the plane going to my parents.  This is out of knitpicks essential tweed, colorway Dune.  They are for my grandfather.  I haven’t touched them much since I got to my parents though, so I need to take them to work.

The bright sock is another pair of monkeys since I am most likely obsessed with the pattern.  This is out of Lorna’s Laces shepherd sock multi, colorway childsplay.  This was the one that was lining up with the pom socks, pink on one side yellow on the other, and I was not happy.  The colors are swirling with the monkey pattern, which was part of the reason I chose that pattern.  (The other is because I am obsessed with the monkey pattern, but I may have mentioned that!)

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