Ida Wanna

I don’t want to knit. I don’t want to talk about knitting. I am tired of the sweater and I am too much of a project swinger to practice project monogamy. I am not even knitting right now. I am cleaning house and rearranging furniture instead. Yeah, I know, that is bad! I have fiber sitting on my wheel but would feel like I was letting my team down if I start spinning it, even though the fiber is practically screaming at me and I feel as if I have neglected spinning by being away on vacation. I’ll be doing a traditional 3 ply next, which will be a first for me. The roving I have sitting on the wheel just begs to be a 3 ply, and who am I to contradict?

Tonight I plan on not knitting again, and instead doing some yard work. In my (what feels like) very brief absence, my yard has grown over and it is difficult to see what my mom worked on when she was out here. So I need to get back in the yard to do some maintenance. The good news is that my storm and hail stripped tomato plant has another tomato! It also has buds so if it gets moving, I should have a few more tomatoes this year. My zinnias are blossoming in all their brightly colored glory and I have some other plants coming up, must be perennials that I have forgotten about, and before I even noticed them they had stems a foot high. Even though I don’t particularly like working in the garden (or I am really just not ready to admit it yet) I really do get quite a thrill out of it in the end. Compound that with Bug just loving it, and I am ready to do it again next year. Actually, I have big plans for gardening next year, which is almost entirely the fault of Barbara Kingsolver’s “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.” Yeah you heard me right, this non gardener wants to peruse seed catalogs over the winter and discover heirloom vegetables of many varieties. This desire is fed by the book and also J’s huge enthusiasm for gardening. If I plan it, I know he will grow it. Now if only I could get over the panic attacks I have over harmless snakes…

In fiber arts news, I have a couple of new and fun activities coming up after ravelympics are over.

1. Truly awesome trip to Chicago for Stitches Midwest with 3 of my best girlfriends. I promise to take lots of pictures and post them if they allow me to. I cannot even begin to express how excited I am about this trip, and the others sound equally thrilled. There will be knitting, classes, shopping, more knitting, a lot of chatter, and probably a lot of good food. They’ve done this before but this is the first time I am going, and I am having trouble even imagining what it will be like. I feel like a teenager again, headed on a youth group trip. Maybe this is how my mom felt when she would go on womens retreats. The only downside to this is that I have some homework to complete. Homework for a class, that requires….knitting. *Sigh* Not only knitting, but dragging out my horrible awful no good very bad sewing machine and sewing my knitting before I go. Something tells me this isn’t going to go well, I cannot even comprehend the knots that my machine will make if I use it on knitting.

2. You may remember that I posted awhile back about receiving a box full of angora. Since then I have picked up some hand cards (my consolation purchase when the Iowa Sheep and Wool festival got canceled) and I plan to attempt to blend some off white merino wool with the angora, and then spin it into laceweight. I’d love to do a shawl that has a soft angora halo. I actually got to meet the lovely woman who sent me the angora while I was on vacation, and she assures me that her bunny will continue to produce fiber for me if I need it, so I don’t think a soft angora/merino shawl is out of the question. It may be one of those long term projects like the spun lite lopi sweater, but I am pretty sure it can be achieved.

3. I also picked up some dyes and will be attempting to dye up some roving pretty soon. I think I have some good techniques laid out and I want to play a bit with colors before I purchase more dye, so I need to start that. If I get lonely and ambitious this weekend, it is not out of the question for weekend plans, since the weather is supposed to be a bit cooler. Turning on the oven when the outside is already an oven is not a happy thought.

4. And finally, with a little luck and skill from my father, and a lot of generosity from my aunt, you may see some early attempts at weaving. Story to follow at a later date.

That is it from me, I am out, off to work on my avoidance practices.